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[Bài Tập Đọc - Hiểu] Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 40

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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 40

What are the keys to career success? Our background? Our education? Maybe. But they only affect our careers; they by no means guarantee success. If there is any guarantee of success, and that is questionable, it is through one’s own intrinsic qualities, one’s own hard work 5 and a constant re-assessment of one’s goals.
A recent study in the US showed that something between 10 and 20% of the Harvard College Class of 1958 have lost their jobs in the past ten years. So, not only the best education but also the best 10 possible social background cannot guarantee career success.

If these people, mainly men, had not believed their background was an insurance to success in life, and if they had searched for ways to make new and better-quality contributions to their work, they 15 wouldn’t now be out of work. Anyone can succeed, and anyone can fail, and in terms of one’s career this is very important to recognize. As long as one has goals and one takes action to achieve these goals, then one can be said to be following a successful career strategy.

1. Which of the following would be a suitable title for the passage?

(A) Career Success
(B) Background and Education
(C) The Guarantee of Success
(D) Our Intrinsic Qualities

2. As used in line 4 the word “intrinsic” means

(A) financial.
(B) hard-working.
(C) basic.
(D) physical.

3. What does the author imply the reason is why the Harvard graduates lost their jobs?

(A) Their lack of insurance.
(B) Failure to work hard.
(C) Bad luck.
(D) Failure to improve their own abilities.

4. What is the way to a successful career strategy?

(A) Good education.
(B) Having goals.
(C) Good background.
(D) Hard work.

5. What is the author’s attitude to having a good education?

(A) It cannot guarantee career success.
(B) It is better than changing one’s goals.
(C) It is better than having a good background.
(D) It is a good insurance to life and work.

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